Doona! & 11 new K-dramas in November 2023 to add to your watchlist

November introduces an exciting mix of K-dramas, offering a variety of series to enjoy. From sweet campus romances to thrilling fantasy tales, there’s something for everyone this month. With the weather turning colder and the year coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up at home and dive into these K-dramas. Here at Dramacool, we’ve handpicked the 11 most anticipated K-dramas airing in November 2023 that you should definitely consider for your watchlist.

Note:The list is organized by release date.

1.Evilive (2023)

Evilive (2023) poster

The story revolves around Han Dong Soo, a livelihood lawyer who randomly chooses a prisoner to represent and becomes entangled in a web of crime. His rational and reasonable nature conceals a hidden darkness, which is triggered by a particular case. His younger half-brother, Han Beom Jae, realizes the transformation in his brother after connecting him with a new client. This client happens to be Seo Do Young, the second-ranking member of a crime organization, whose charming exterior conceals a disturbing and unpredictable malevolence.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Drama
Starring: Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang, Shin Jae Ha

2.Doona! (2023)

Doona! (2023) poster

Doo Na, a former member of the girl group Dream Sweet, and Won Jun, a college student, find themselves living in the same share house. Doo Na mistakes Won Jun for being her sasaeng fan, and Won Jun is unaware of who she is. They become increasingly curious about one another, and as their relationship progresses, they eventually discover that they have more in common than they had realized.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Youth, Drama
Starring: Bae Suzy, Yang Se Jong, Ha Young

3.High Cookie (2023)

High Cookie (2023) poster
Choi Soo Young and Seo Ho Su are two teenagers from very different lives. When they both come across a mysterious cookie that grants wishes, their lives become further intertwined. This cookie has dangerous and harmful consequences, as it causes their wishes to become reality but with harsh consequences. Soo Young and Ho Su embark on a journey to try and break free from the quicksand caused by this cookie, while also fighting personal battles of their own. Meanwhile, Yoo Seong Pil, an experienced underground college admissions consultant, begins to reveal his own mysterious intentions when he takes a consultant position at Junghan High School. As these characters come together, they must battle the consequences of the cookie, as well as their own personal struggles, in order to find peace.

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Youth, Fantasy
Starring: Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Hyun Wook, Kim Mu Yeol

4.Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023)

Perfect Marriage Revenge (2023) poster
Han Yi Joo is a painter adopted by Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye. Despite her family’s wealth, she is not loved by her parents or her younger sister, Han Yoo Ra. After being married to Jung Se Hyeok, she discovers that he loves her sister and not her. On the same day, she gets into a car accident and dies. Upon waking up, she realizes she is back in time before her accident. To take revenge, Han Yi Joo breaks off her engagement to Jung Se Hyeok and enters into a contract marriage with Seo Do Guk, the grandson of the Taeja Group’s founder who is also desired by her younger sister. Seo Do Guk agrees to the contract marriage, but desires to turn it into a real marriage.

Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Starring: Sung Hoon, Jung Yoo Min, Jin Ji Hee

5.Castaway Diva (2023)

Castaway Diva (2023) poster
After being rescued, Mok Ha is brought to Seoul, where she is met with curiosity and doubt. She soon becomes a star as her life story gains recognition. Despite this, Mok Ha finds it difficult to adjust to the modern world. As she navigates through a world full of people, technology, and social media, she is comforted by the knowledge that she is no longer alone. With time, Mok Ha begins to find peace in the city, and starts to make her dream of becoming a singer come true.

Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance, Life
Starring: Park Eun Bin, Kim Hyo Jin, Chae Jong Hyeop

6.Wuju Bakery (2023)

Wuju Bakery (2023) poster
This is a story about a small bakery located in a small old town. The bakery has been re-established after much hardship, and the protagonist is looking forward to the opening ceremony. However, just prior to the opening, the bakery is wrecked by a spaceship crash-landing. An alien and a handsome boss end up getting stranded in the bakery, leading to an unconventional and chaotic living arrangement. At the same time, the aliens who have been hiding in various parts of the city in search of them are revealed.

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring: Jeff Satur, Barcode Tinnasit Isarapongporn, Jun In Kyu

7.Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023)

Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023) poster
The drama “Daily Dose of Sunshine” follows the story of Jung Da Eun, a psychiatric nurse in a psychiatric ward. As Jung Da Eun works with her patients, she experiences various incidents that take place in the ward. Through these experiences, she learns about the struggles of her patients and begins to understand the psychological complexities behind mental illness. She gradually develops a more compassionate approach to her work, and is eventually able to help the patients get better. As she helps each patient, she also discovers more about herself and her own personal journey towards healing.

Genres: Drama, Medical
Starring: Park Bo Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Jang Dong Yoon

8.The Matchmakers (2023)

The Matchmakers (2023) poster
Sim Jung Woo is a young, intelligent, and handsome man who is the youngest to place first in the state examination. He is then chosen to be the princess’ husband in a royal wedding ceremony. However, the princess suddenly dies during the ceremony, leaving Sim Jung Woo an unfortunate man. According to customary laws of the Joseon period, he is unable to take a government post or remarry. To try and make his life better, Sim Jung Woo becomes involved with Jung Soon Deok. She is a widow whose late husband was the second son of the first vice-premier. She leads a double life under the pseudonym of Yeo Joo Daek, working as a matchmaker and peddler of women’s items. Along with her matchmaking skills, Sim Jung Woo and Jung Soon Deok embark on a mission to match older single men and women in the capital city of Hanyang.

Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Starring: Rowoon, Cho Yi Hyun, Jo Han Chul

9.Moon in the Day (2023)

Moon in the Day (2023) poster
Kang Young Hwa and Han Ri Ta’s lives become intertwined as they discover the secrets of their past lives and the truth of the present world. It is not a simple love story but a ‘romance thriller’ as they navigate the unknowns of their past and present, encountering strife that comes and goes. The story follows the two as they strive to discover the truth of reincarnation and find a way to be together.

Genres: Thriller, Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Starring: Pyo Ye Jin, Kim Young Dae, Ohn Joo Wan

10.The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (2023)

The Story of Park
This mid-19th century story follows the life of the Minister of Interior’s daughter, who is embroiled in a rumor that has heated up the capital. On the day of her marriage, her husband tragically dies, leaving her a widow. To her surprise, she finds herself suddenly and inexplicably in Korea 200 years later, and must find a way back to Joseon. The story explores her journey, the obstacles she faces, and the impact of the time travel.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Starring: Lee Se Young, Bae In Hyuk, Yoo Sun Ho

11.Vigilante (2023)

Vigilante (2023) poster
Kim Ji Yong is a police academy student with a dark past. When he was a young boy, his mother was murdered by a local gangster. This tragedy sparked a thirst for justice in Ji Yong, and he sets out to become a vigilante. He uses his police academy training to take on criminals and deliver justice with his own hands. As his reputation grows, so does the danger that he faces. With each criminal that he takes down, Ji Yong must confront the consequences of his actions.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Psychological, Crime
Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk, Yoo Ji Tae, Kim So Jin


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